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Buyer Services

We represent you, the Buyer. (In other words, we work for YOU!)
We will review with you in advance, all of your needs, wants and financial qualifications so that we have a crystal clear understanding of the type of property, its location and features you want, given your financial parameters.
We will review with you all of the forms which are involved in the purchase of real estate as well as the negotiating process so that you have a comfortable understanding of them.
​Prior to making an offer on a property, we will provide you with and review the comparable past sales of properties so that you have a clear understanding of the property’s relative value in the marketplace.
We will help you negotiate an acceptable deal.
After we have an accepted agreement, we will monitor the progress of the property inspection, the attorney review process, timely processing of the mortgage commitment and overseeing all documentation required for closing.
Prior to closing we will schedule a final walk-thru with you to make sure that there are no significant changes to the property and that any agreed to repairs, etc. have been satisfactorily completed.
​In general, we will oversee the buying process for you to make sure that your purchase progresses as smoothly as possible to closing.

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