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Seller FAQ

Q. When is the best time to sell?
A. Typically the spring market (January- May) is the strongest market of the year. The second strongest market is between June and September.


Q. How do I know what my property is worth?A. We will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis, which represents recent sales of similar properties, their market times, as well as other properties on the market, which represent your “competition”. With this information you can arrive at a realistic price range for both the asking price and the selling price.


Q. Do I need to disclose everything?
A. Under Illinois law there is a Real Property Disclosure form which needs to be completed by you, signed and dated when you list your property. We can provide you with a copy of the document which will also be provided to the purchaser to sign and date acknowledging receipt of it.


Q. What do I need to do before I put my property on the market, to increase its value?
A. We will be happy to come over and review with you the necessary points for you to consider in preparing your property for sale. The market facts point out that if your property is in move-in condition and does not really need any redecorating or painting, you will sell your property faster and for a higher price.


Q. How do I know when there are showings, open houses or advertising? What should I be doing while it is listed?
A. We will schedule open houses, with your permission in advance. We will inform you of our marketing and advertising plan, and forward you a copy of all materials. We will be in touch with you via phone or e-mail to notify you of all showings at least 24 hours in advance. For your part, try to keep the property in showing condition while it is on the market. This allows us to accommodate any last minute showings, with your permission.


​Q. How do I coordinate the sale of my current home with the purchase of a new one?
A. First, you should have Your Chicago Home Team do a comparative market analysis (CMA) of your current home to get an idea not only of its value, but of the likely market time it may take to attract a buyer. Second, you should start looking for that new property in order to see what the market is like. If you find that you have a number of choices, then you can list your current home immediately. If you find that you have fewer choices for your new home, you may need to wait before you list. As you can see, it is not that easy to coordinate both transactions, especially if your current home might be slow to sell, or your new home might be difficult to find. It takes a Realtor with a good knowledge of the marketplace to help you navigate through this often-stressful process.


Q. When I get a contract on my property, how do I know that it will close?
A. In our marketplace it is customary, and for Your Chicago Home Team it is required, that the buyer submit a letter from a lender stating that the buyer has been preapproved for a loan large enough to purchase your property. We will contact the lender to verify that a credit check was run and see just what else the lender has done to approve the buyer. In this way we increase the likelihood that you will close and have fewer problems.


Q. Why should I use a Realtor? Why you?
A. Buying or selling a home will be the biggest financial transaction you make in your life. There are many potential complications with respect to this process that may occur. We at Your Chicago Home Team are trained and experienced at foreseeing and preventing any such complications from occurring. The previous 7 questions are just some of the issues to deal with. We at Your Chicago Home Team are licensed, have 50+ years of experience and over $450,000,000 in past sales experience. Why look any further?


These questions and answers are for illustrative and informational purposes only. Please consult your attorney regarding your specific situation.

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